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We all want to travel the world or at least some well-known places in our own country. The ideal travel time is during your studies because you are mature enough to deal with it independently, but not yet burdened by real problems.

Your student loan can be a stumbling block preventing you from going on vacation. While student loan debt can be a major drain, you can still live your best life, which also means seeing the world.

Here’s some advice to help you achieve your goals when you’re struggling with anxiety but aren’t sure student loan repayments can help.

Set up your finances

Although it costs money to travel the world, it can be done. Check your existing financial situation before you start organizing your first trip. Start considering private student loans for bad credit. They can be useful in a variety of circumstances, although they are rarely the first student loan option. If other funding sources are not enough, they can make up the difference. They can help you get the additional funds needed to cover your education and travel expenses.

Also create a budget to determine what you can fund. Not to overdo it, consider how much you can spend with the prices visiting Brazil compared to, for example, the Netherlands, as opposed to other parts of the world which are significantly more expensive.

Finally, remember that you can take a vacation while you owe student loans. This does not mean that you should do this right now. Set goals for where you want to be, then spend time planning your income and savings. To do this, you need to consider the cost of your travel-related expenses such as meals, lodging, public transportation, and other unexpected expenses.

Travel on a budget

Consider traveling on a tight budget: Choose your future travel destination based on where it is cheapest. While it might not be your first option, traveling on a tight budget is still possible. Another strategy is to keep an eye out for deals and use credit cards with travel rewards cards that allow you to earn points or credits that can be redeemed for reservations with a specific airline, lodging chain, or virtually any type of travel. You can build up credit that you can use on low-cost travel by using it wisely, spending as much as you can afford, and fully depleting your balance each month.

Participate in a service program as a volunteer

Researching service programs is one of the easiest ways to travel while carrying out student loan debt. Depending on your type of loan, you may be able to volunteer with organizations that will let you live elsewhere while you get help paying off your student loans. Such programs can allow you to continue paying off your student debt while living in other states and countries.

Your student loan payments may also be suspended or reduced to zero while participating in such programs, and the state may pay interest on college loans. These programs allow you to explore, experience and live another culture.

Earn money while traveling

Various alternatives allow you to earn money abroad if you want to combine your job with travel. You don’t get student loan benefits when you work abroad, but you can live and vacation elsewhere while you pay off your debt.

Get a remote worker visa

A remote work visa can be a perfect choice if you are currently working remotely or are a freelancer. After the COVID pandemic, these have gained popularity to revitalize the nations’ industries. Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland are some nations that issue visas for long-distance work. The length of stay varies by region, but you can continue working on your projects while you’re away.

Teach English Abroad

You can work as an English teacher anywhere in the world. Most of the time, the cost of living in these places is minimal, allowing you to save money for vacations and pay additional student loan installments.

Apply for a job in the travel industry

Work for an airline or on a cruise ship to get travel perks while paying off your loans.


Every student’s dream is to see the rest of the world. It will gain valuable life experience and expertise that will help make important decisions and clarify individual worldviews. It would be best if you didn’t deny yourself the benefits and pleasures of travel because of a school loan. Build your travel strategy that fits your student loan repayment needs. Reduce your daily expenses to change your lifestyle. Work while travelling, take on a temporary job, work from home or teach English around the world. Plan your trip the right way by choosing lesser-known spots, reserving in advance and taking advantage of credit card benefits.

Don’t let your student loan stop you from traveling the world. Put in a lot of effort and hard dedication and you will surely make it!

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