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The restaurant commerce platform unifies the ordering and payment experience for guests across multiple merchant locations; delivers operational and sales efficiencies for vendors

ARLINGTON, Va., August 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GoTab, a leading restaurant commerce platform, today announced new capabilities that enable multi-operator venues such as food halls, festivals, stadiums and others to automate vendor payouts while providing a streamlined ordering and payment experience for guests enable. GoTab for multi-operator locations gives vendors daily individual control over menu management and reporting, as well as direct payouts, including taxes and tips.

Ideal for food halls, entertainment venues, stadiums and more, GoTab creates a unified QR code ordering experience for all active vendors within one parent location, simplifies checkout for guests, and provides vendors with greater visibility, customization, and sales transparency. Based on an analysis of existing operators using QR orders, GoTab has been shown to be a direct impact resulting in 20% more tips, 35-50% higher check averages, 25% faster table turns and 30-50% more work efficiency.

“As diners return to food halls, stadiums and other entertainment venues, they expect the convenience of digital – fast, easy-to-use mobile ordering, one-touch checkout and more. GoTab for multi-operator locations enables suppliers to offer guests this integrated ordering experience while reaping the benefits of increased visibility within the parent company, daily payouts, seamless menu management and ultimately increased sales,” said Tim McLaughlinCEO and co-founder of GoTab.

How Multi-Operator works

Individual vendors in a food hall, venue, stadium, or other multi-merchant location have access to their own dashboard and create their personalized menu of available food deals or retail products, which is then shared with the parent location. Guests can scan and order from a single QR code that shows all vendors and their custom menus. The orders are then forwarded to the relevant vendor’s kitchen display system and/or printer for fulfillment. Once guests have paid their bill, tips are assigned to each vendor based on a percentage of sales.

A unified experience for guests with individualized control and reporting for providers

Purpose-built to streamline the vendor and guest experience, GoTab for multi-operator locations offers guests the easiest way to order from multiple vendors — without having to download an app — and the easiest way for vendors to increase order efficiency to optimize, receive payouts and make profits visibility.

This new solution prioritizes sales transparency, provides real-time access to sales and tab data, and transmits payouts, including taxes and tips, directly to each vendor on a daily basis. In multi-vendor transactions, tips are automatically assigned based on percentage of sales, which can be automated to the parent site. In addition, despite using the same QR code, each vendor has the opportunity to create their own menus, products and messages that best suit their brand, show consistency and facilitate communication with their guests. With guests viewing all uploaded menus via a single QR code, each venue has better visibility across the parent location, increasing the likelihood of individual sales.

GoTab for multi-operator locations is revolutionizing the seller experience at participating venues with unique technology designed to simplify the ordering experience for guests while giving sellers full menu control, faster payouts, real-time sales reports and more. Click here to learn more about Multi-Operator, now available to all GoTab customers.

About GoTab

GoTab, Inc., a restaurant commerce platform (RCP), helps large and mid-sized restaurants, breweries, bars, hotels, and other venues run lean, profitable operations while making diners even happier. It integrates with popular point-of-sale (POS) systems, allowing customers to order and pay through a server, order and pay directly from their own mobile phones, or combine both experiences in one tab. Use mobile cash registers, contactless ordering and payment functions as well as kitchen management systems (KMS). The guest never has to download a mobile app or create a password. Operators get flexible features that can be quickly applied to create new revenue streams across restaurant dining, takeout and delivery, ghost kitchens, grocery retailing and more. Founded in 2016, GoTab processes over $250 million Transactions per year with operations in 35 US states and counting. For more information, see our media kit, request a demo here, or learn more at

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