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LONDON, Aug. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NorthLockerone of the leading providers of encrypted cloud storage services, highlights the top cybersecurity risks for small businesses and offers advice on how to mitigate them

Small businesses and startups are prime targets for cybercriminals due to their strong focus and resource allocation on product development and avenues for growth. While these practices are great for business development, they neglect security and risk compromising business operations should an incident occur.

“While growing your business should be a priority, forgetting about cybersecurity can have dire consequences. Startups don’t need to invest in the most advanced software as they won’t be targeted with the most advanced malware, but they should at least adopt a few low-maintenance practices that protect them from the most common types of attacks,” she says, cybersecurity expert Oliver Noble at NorthLocker.

Below, Oliver Noble outlines easy-to-implement and highly effective cybersecurity practices that require little to no investment.

Train your employees

Countering attacks before they even happen is much cheaper than dealing with their aftermath. Therefore, a solid knowledge of the most common types of threats is one of the most important cornerstones of corporate cybersecurity. The human component plays a role whopping 82% of cybersecurity incidents, the right knowledge of how to identify and deal with threats can have a profound impact on your organization’s cybersecurity.

“The use of psychological manipulation in attacks such as phishing is the most common way for hackers to access private information. Preaching situational awareness and instructing employees not to follow links in emails and not to download file attachments altogether unless they are from a verified source is very successful with little use of resources,” says Oliver Noble.

Keep your software up to date

While software updates may seem unnecessary and take up valuable time, they are a free way to fill gaps in your cybersecurity. Software updates aim to improve the experience, make it safer and more efficient, and patch security holes that protect your data before hackers learn to exploit those vulnerabilities.

Secure and encrypt your files

File backup is a core cybersecurity practice and well worth the extra investment because in the unfortunate event of an attack, you’ll always have a copy of your files ready to go, and the sudden loss of files won’t impact your business operations. However, the most important and confidential files should be encrypted so that nobody can access them at all.

Oliver Noble recommends the following backup practices to ensure your business doesn’t falter:

  • Back up your data regularly or set up automatic backups in your device’s settings menu to ensure your information is always protected.

  • Use an encrypted cloud for confidential data storage to avoid mishaps and keep your files safe from prying eyes. Encryption turns your data into unbreakable codes that even experienced hackers cannot read without your permission.

Secure your network

“Your work network is arguably one of the biggest exposures that cyber criminals can easily exploit. By connecting to a poorly protected Wi-Fi network, you’re giving away your data, like browsing history and passwords, to anyone with basic hacking skills,” says Oliver Noble.

To protect your network, Noble recommends:

  • Do not access business files over public Wi-Fi as this does not provide any security. Therefore, anything you do online is easily accessible to anyone with the right skills. However, if working in a coffee shop or at the airport is unavoidable, make sure you use a VPN that encrypts your internet traffic and prevents anyone from snooping around.

  • Make sure your office/home WiFi is properly secured. It’s important to invest in a quality, firewall-equipped router that has a strong focus on security. And of course, make sure you have a strong WiFi password.

NordLocker for your cybersecurity needs

If you are looking for an option that is both affordable and protects your company’s weakest points, NorthLocker can be the perfect solution. NordLocker is a cloud-based platform that stores and encrypts your company’s data, making it virtually inaccessible to anyone with malicious intent. With NordLocker, you can ensure your data is protected and recover it quickly if it’s corrupted or lost, minimizing business disruption and downtime.

NordLocker is the world’s first end-to-end file encryption tool with a private cloud. It was developed by the cybersecurity experts behind NordVPN – one of the most advanced VPN service providers in the world. NordLocker is available for Windows and macOS, supports all file types, offers a fast and intuitive interface, and guarantees secure synchronization between devices. With NordLocker, files are protected from hacking, surveillance, and data collection. For more informations:


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