UW college promise program will help low-income students afford college – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | Vette Leader

Some low-income University of Wisconsin System students will have their tuition and fees fully covered under a new statewide scholarship program starting next fall.

The Wisconsin Tuition Promise program is open to full-time state students with family incomes under $62,000 who are either starting at a UW campus or transferring there in fall 2023.

Officials said they would continue to do so whether or not they receive government money specifically for it in the 2023-25 ​​budget.

At a news conference Monday at the UW-Milwaukee campus, UW officials described the scholarship program as a “game changer” that will help more students graduate and alleviate the state’s labor shortage.

“We’re in a war for talent,” said Jay Rothman, President of the UW System. “We’re not educating enough people with four-year degrees and college degrees to sustain the state’s economic growth. We hear that all the time from employers.”

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