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This year’s clearing window is predicted to be busier than ever due to a number of factors including an increase in the number of 18-year-olds entering university or college, as well as the return to a more normal post-Covid academic year . SLC encourages students not to wait to apply for student finance even if they do not have a confirmed place on the course.

With a processing time of up to six to eight weeks, eligible students who apply for higher rates of maintenance loans or additional scholarships may not receive their full entitlement to funding at the beginning of the semester. However, in these circumstances, SLC will grant the tuition loan and the minimum amount of the maintenance loan before the course begins, while confirming household income and all other relevant details. Students will receive the remainder of their maintenance and other support entitlement as a top-up payment as soon as possible once these details are confirmed.

Chris Larmer, Operations Director at SLC, said: “We expect to have around 1.5 million students starting or returning to school this fall and my advice to students this week is don’t wait for your exam results – submit an application as soon as possible, it can be changed and updated online at any time later.”

Top tips for clearing SLC

  • The easiest way to apply is online:

    Students in England can apply at: Students in Wales can apply at:

  • For most students, the application is straightforward and should only take about 30 minutes.

    This year, SLC has enhanced the service to make it more user-friendly, meaning the majority can complete their application digitally – submit evidence, update personal details and check next steps through their online accounts. If they need help, there is plenty of information on the internet. Students in England can apply at: Students in Wales can apply at:

  • Once submitted, applications will take six to eight weeks to process. We will contact you if we need more information.

    Students can use the application tracker in their online account to see the status of their application at a time that suits them – so there is no need to worry or contact us to be informed of progress. Read more about the process:

  • You don’t have to do anything unless your university, college, or course dates change.

    If you accept a place at a university or college through Clearing, you will need to log into your student finance account and notify us of any changes. You must do this even if your UCAS application has changed – your application for student finance is not linked to UCAS. You must change the university or college in the application as well as your major. You should also provide us with the correct tuition fee that will be charged for your new degree program.

  • If your exam results are different than expected and your course choice is different than when you originally applied for your student finance, be sure to update your course and university details in your online account immediately.

  • To help students in England applying for student finance during clearing.

    SLC has a guide with useful information, including steps you can take to ensure your application can be processed quickly.

Chris added: “Last year we paid out £22billion in tuition and maintenance loans and this year we expect similar numbers. Our absolute priority is to ensure that we have processed as many student finance applications as possible and are ready to pay by the start of the semester, including those applied for during the clearing. Our team is ready for a busy few weeks and we wish the students all the best on Thursday.”

SLC opened its application window in February this year and students were encouraged to apply before the deadline (May 20, 2022 for new students and June 24, 2022 for returning students) to ensure they have their funding for the start of the semester have secured. Students whose applications are being processed but whose course, university or college has not changed after the Results Day need not take any action unless they are asked to provide supporting evidence. In this case, SLC will contact you. Students can track their application status via the online tracker.

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