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Andy Cohen You might want to reconsider waiting until early 2023 to get the cameras up and running The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

As the ladies of the show enjoy their months-long hiatus, Attorney Ronald Richard has uncovered some shocking allegations about it Erika Jayne — and the $750,000 earrings she reportedly gave away Thomas Girardi‘s receiver months ago.

“Breaking: We can report with certainty that the earrings Erika Girardi gave to the trustee are NOT the same earrings on the sales invoice aka the replacement earrings purchased through a tax scam from Tom Girardi where he falsely claimed , the $750,000 check is a court cost,” Ronald claimed via Twitter on Nov. 23.

That claim comes just days after TMZ reported that the $750,000 earrings were estimated at a much lower value and were only expected to fetch between $250,000 and $350,000 at the upcoming auction.

According to Ronald, there have been a number of inconsistencies regarding the apparent burglary years ago, which saw Erika and her estranged spouse claim the original pair of earrings he bought for the RHOBH star were taken.

“Here are the facts,” Ronald continued. “1. Erika claims under oath that she had a burglary in 2006. 2. Tom claims to the Franchise Tax Agency it was 2007. 3. Erika claims Tom bought her replacement earrings under oath in 2007. 4. The jeweler confirms this under oath. His invoice lists two 2004 GIA certificates associated with the earrings he sold.”

Ronald further confirmed that the earrings provided by Erika were not the same as described on the invoice.

“5. The earrings that Erika eventually gave to the trustee are NOT the same earrings on the invoice. 6. The GIA certificates ordered in 2022 show that they are not the same diamonds. Erika, please explain what happened,” he continued. “I’m sure that’s a good explanation.”

In a fourth tweet, Ronald said more would be shared soon.

“The receipts will be released later in the day. We’ve tried to downplay this, as you always ask, so we’re withholding receipts until we have a consensus that everyone understands. Ask any questions you need to ask,” he wrote.

Ronald Richards Details Erika Jayne Earring Mix-Up Before Auction

Later, Ronald released “receipts” regarding the earrings saga. “Here are the receipts for the earrings. I’ll be on the air now and answering questions about it,” he wrote.

When a Twitter user suggested that Erika might have mixed up the earrings simply because they looked alike, Ronald replied, “That’s a theory for sure!!!”

As RHOBH Fans know that Erika has faced pressure from various sources, including castmates, to give up the earrings Garcelle Beauvaiswho continued to speak out against her the real oneand actors Jon Hammwho said to give the earrings to the trustee at a performance The Howard Stern Show.

“Yeah! She should… The circular reasoning she’s making… It’s not responsible,” Jon proclaimed. “You just want to shake them and say, ‘Honey, they were never yours. Give them back.'”

Around the same time, actress Jennifer Lawrence said during an interview with Variety that Erika was nothing short of “nasty.”

“My biggest problem this season [is] that it was just boring and I think that Erika is evil,” Jennifer explained. “I would go so far as to say she needs a publicist, ASAP.”

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