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Ten thousand additional copies of Money and Youth Financial literacy books to be distributed to 10th grade students

EDMONTON, AB, November 24, 2022 /CNW/ – The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE), IG Wealth Management (IG) and the Government of alberta announced today the expansion of financial literacy resources for Year 10 students across the province by providing an additional 10,000 copies of CFEE and IG Money and Youth: A Guide to Financial Literacyone of the most used resources to support youth financial education in Canada. Twenty thousand copies of the book were distributed alberta students earlier this year.

CFEE logo (CNW Group/Canadian Foundation for Economic Education)

CFEE logo (CNW Group/Canadian Foundation for Economic Education)

The announcement was made at McKay Avenue School and included students from various Edmonton Schools, the Alberta Minister of Education, the Honorable Adriana LaGrange, and representatives from CFEE and IG.

The interest in helping Canadians, and especially youth, improve their financial ability and self-confidence is becoming a priority for parents, educators, and governments everywhere Canada. That alberta Government has commissioned CFEE to help improve financial literacy alberta schools over a period of four years. They’ve made it a priority, and financial literacy is part of the compulsory 10th grade career and life management course — and that’s where money and youth is used extensively in alberta. More financial literacy is to be included in the curriculum in the coming years.

During the event, CFEE and IG announced that they would provide an additional 10,000 copies of money and youth for 10th grade students across the province as a key resource to help students better understand the basics of personal finance, including budgeting, saving and investing, debt management, and how the economy and financial markets work.

To date over 700,000 copies of money and youth were distributed to schools and homes Canada. IG has supported CFEE’s money and youth program for over 20 years. In addition to money and youth, which has been regularly updated over the years, CFEE has also created a website that provides helpful support for young people, teachers and parents. For more information about Money and Youth, visit That money and youth The book and website are available in English and French.


Alberta Secretary of Education Adriana LaGrange
“Financial literacy is a critical component in ensuring that youth in our province are equipped with the tools necessary to build confidence and understanding to make informed decisions in their lives, leading to the health of our economy as a whole and leading to a bright and prosperous future to lead.” Secretary LaGrange

“It’s always important to work to improve the financial skills of our youth in order to build a prosperous financial future – but the importance of this is made particularly clear by the current economic times,” he said Gary Rabbior, President of the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education. “Rising inflation, rising interest rates and recession fears make it clear that it is vitally important to improve the economic and financial performance of all Canadians so they can better understand the economic realities affecting their finance world and be more confident and better prepared to face financial challenges make decisions and manage financial affairs effectively.”

“We are excited to be working with our partner CFEE and the provincial government to improve the financial education resources available to our youth,” he said Alastair McKenzie, Regional Vice President, IG Wealth Management. “Empowering our youth and putting them on the right path to financial confidence is an essential part of building overall financial well-being and that is our ultimate goal for Canadians.”

About CFEE

CFEE is a nationally recognized, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization founded in 1974 dedicated to improving economic and financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills. CFEE works with government departments and education departments along with school boards, schools, educators and teachers’ associations. CFEE also participates in activities to support and assist newcomers and ex-immigrants Canada, and the general public, including printed resources, videos, workshops, and online resources. Overall, CFEE strives to help Canadians of all ages be better prepared to assume their economic roles, responsibilities and decisions with confidence and competence.

About IG Wealth Management:

Founded in 1926, IG Wealth Management is a national leader in providing Canadians with personalized financial solutions through a network of advisors across Canada Canada. In addition to an exclusive family of mutual funds and other investment vehicles, IG offers a wide range of other financial services. IG Wealth Management has $108.3 billion in assets under management as of October 31, 2022 and is a member of the IGM Financial Inc. (TSX: IGM) group of companies. IGM Financial is one of them canada leading diversified wealth and asset management companies with approx $245.7 billion of the total managed and advised assets as of October 31, 2022.

IG Wealth Management (CNW Group/IG Wealth Management) (CNW Group/Canadian Foundation for Economic Education)

IG Wealth Management (CNW Group/IG Wealth Management) (CNW Group/Canadian Foundation for Economic Education)

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