FTX Fallout Pushes Bitcoin Mining Revenue to All-Time Lows and Threatens More Firms with Bankruptcy – Forbes | Vette Leader

Bitcoin’s price drop is causing even more pain for miners getty What happened With Bitcoin’s price down 20% since news of FTX’s financial troubles broke on Nov. 6, Bitcoin miners are now earning less revenue than ever. This hit to bitcoin price is eroding margins as conditions for miners deteriorate in a year impacted by … Read more

Bitcoin Mining’s First Major Bankruptcy Creates Uncertainty for Key Partners, Opportunity for Others – Forbes | Vette Leader

Bitcoin miners are collapsing under financial pressure, but it creates opportunity for some. getty What happened Compute North, the second largest Bitcoin mining hosting provider in the US, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week. The company promptly followed that filing with another court order that filed for a 363-year bankruptcy sale to liquidate assets … Read more