California taxpayers concerned about private data leaked to foreign middle-class tax refund companies – KGO-TV | Vette Leader

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — 7 On Your Side reported how millions of Californians receive their middle-class tax refunds on debit cards. Many say it looks like a scam and comes with too many fees. Now others say it puts their personal information at risk. Some recipients are wary because you need to provide six digits … Read more

Californians get the mid-range tax refund but confusion over cards affecting issuing bank beneficiaries – KGO-TV | Vette Leader

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Many Californians are wondering what happened to the governor’s plan to send car owners a check to offset high gas prices. Well, state lawmakers have instead decided to send tax refunds to low- and middle-income taxpayers to ease the pain of inflation. Now millions of Californians receive these payments in the … Read more

California’s inflation-relieving debit cards are said to have chip technology. Why don’t they? -KCRA Sacramento | Vette Leader

Many Californians continue to wait for the Middle Class Tax Refund, a refund of monies owed to them as a result of California’s budget surplus. The reimbursement, also known as inflation relief payments, began as a gas price relief mechanism to be paid out by the DMV. Then the governor and the legislature reached a … Read more